LMD 6.1 Ranger 100

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The Laser Media Dock 6.1 Ranger delivers 6 individual ILDA channels and DMX in- and output. The difference to the LMD6.1 is the distance between the control PC and the LMD6.1 Ranger 100. This can be up to 100 meters using CAT5 cable.
Place the LMD6.1 Ranger 100 next to your Lasers or behind the stage and have your control PC at the FOH or LJ desk.

We use the Beyond compatible EntTech DMX module. With this DMX solution you can select in- or output to control external devices or be controlled by them.

Connect your control PC or Laptop with the small USB extender box via USB cable and connect your CAT5 cable. On the other end you simply connect the CAT5 cable with your LMD6.1 Ranger 100 with professional Neutrik plugs. The internal high-end electronics converts the incoming signal back to USB and delivers it to the FB3s and DMX units.